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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Decline and Fall of Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble and Blockbuster killed most of the local bookstores and video stores. In my area we never had local bookstores. When I visit the Bay Area I love to stop by Keplers and I wish I had visited Staceys. The rise of Amazon has hurt Barnes & Noble. And now e-Books.

For Blockbuster, I found it to just an annoying experience. First they drove out of business all the small mom & pop video rental places. And then Blockbuster increased prices by requiring so many day rentals minimum. I think it was 3 days for around $5. So we stopped renting videos. My thought process - I had no choice but to rent for how many days for $5. And a new one cost under $20. And I don't like their selection. Hmm... Not worth it.

Decline and fall of book and video retailers provokes no tears - San Jose Mercury News

And of course we are an online Chinese Bookstore



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