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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Music and Learning Chinese

Interesting.  I've been reading through Coginitive Daily's old article (but still very helpful) by David Munger on a research whether music helps people learn language or not.

The researchers made up some words and had people listen to it just spoken or with musical tones.  Then they  tested which set up had more people recognizing the made up words.  Guess which set got to identify more words?  Yup, those tested with music got to recognize the made up words better.

So if you think Chinese is just too difficult and different, and you are not too sure if your child will learn the Chinese words, you can be sure Chinese songs with simple lyrics can help your child learn and remember some Chinese vocabulary.

There are a lot of available Chinese songs for kids CDs and read-along Chinese stories that you can choose from so your child can enjoy Chinese.  Singing or reading along doesn't even feel like studying.  Be prepared for your child to tug at your sleeve and request that you play Chinese CDs at home or in the car. 

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