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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Festival Dice Game in the Philippines

My friend from the Philippines, Ed  (a Chinese-Filipino), had an advanced Mid-Autumn celebration with family and friends last week-end.  In the Philippines, the Moon Festival is celebrated with the Dice Game.  The Moon Fest Dice Game is a fun game where each person throws several dice.  For every total number gotten from the throw, the person gets an equivalent prize. It is a Moon Fest custom of Cantonese origin, that is why it is not usually practiced by the Chinese-American community.

Usually, the prizes are moon cakes, chips or candy bars (but if people are tired of moon cakes, then snacks it is), little cute trinkets, etc.  Depending on the organizers of the activity, and the people who are going to play, some prizes can really be over-the-top. I've seen some blogs where the top prizes are gadgets, cash, etc.  But then again, the main purpose of the game is to have some rollicking fun with loved ones, so spending time with them is enough, the items are just a bonus.

I've been bugging Ed to share some pictures so we can see how the Moon Fest Dice Game looks like. He has been kind enough to share pictures from several years of mid-autumn celebrations.

If you are interested to do a belated game for your friends and family, we have the Moon Festival Dice Game instructions over at the ChildBook resources.

Let's roll!

Loot from Moon Fest Dice Game 2009

Moon Fest is about getting together with family and friends.

Teaching how to throw the dice
(As you can see, anyone regardless of age can join...)

I hope he got the zhuang yuan (or first prize)!  

Thanks to Ed for the pictures!

And I hope all our readers had a great Moon Festival with family :-))

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