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Monday, October 4, 2010

ChildBook Anniversary

My wife and I registered the ChildBook name over 13 years ago in 1997.

When we first started payments had to be done via check and we did not even have a shopping cart and the items were kept in a closet.  The original pages were in Big 5 and our target market was Chinese speaking families in the US.  We found out, to our surprise, that a lot of non-Chinese speakers were interested in Learning Chinese.  We then changed all our pages to English (which meant I could update them, instead of my wife).

ChildBook has grown a huge amount.  With 1000+ active Learning Chinese items we now operate out of a warehouse.  It's amazing how much the Internet and ChildBook.com has grown in the last 13 years.

A quote to on my mind - there is no Wisdom without Regrets.

I have learned so much in running this business and everyday brings new challenges and areas to improve.  I am sure in another 13 years ChildBook will also go through huge changes.  I am thankful for my wonderful customers who have been a great help with their patience and purchases.


Ray, Owner



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