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Friday, December 17, 2010

Asian Last Name & College Apps

How to explain to my daughter why one of her friends who is amazing academically did not get admitted to Stanford on the Early Decision? 

It was not a conversation I wanted to have.  My opinion is it because her friend has a Chinese last name.  Top private colleges want diversity on the campuses, and having to many Asian students (the wrong minority) is not good for diversity.

An older post about a student with a law suite against an Ivy League.

Ivy League Chinese Discrimination (student was also spurned by Stanford).

Chinese & the Ivy League - And one as the Chinese comparing them to Jewish admissions in the past in the Ivy Leagues.

And my time line Racism Against Chinese in the US

So how do you combat this?  One method is being even more amazing.  Another is select colleges that are just as good that don't openly practice this type of discrimination, but may not have the name.  UC's in California for example can no longer openly discriminate.  Instead they can have outreach to communities.  This is why at my daughter's school a representative for one top school would not meet with Asian Students, they were there to meet only with members of supposedly disadvantaged minority groups.  So the school official kept on turning away Asian students and met with nobody.

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