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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cal State Brand Vs. UC

Some things I noticed...

1. Some UC's are lower ranked in some areas that Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Cal Poly is nationally ranked for Engineering, Architecture, agriculture, and Business to name a few.  For public universities in California, it's #2 for business.  For Engineering, #5 in some rankings nationwide (for those not offering a PhD).  29% acceptance rate. #27 for all public universities in the US on a Forbes List.  It made the top 20 schools for recruiters per the WSJ.  Average starting salaries are right behind Berkeley.

2. Admissions is done automatically at Cal States.  No reading of essays, not like the UC's that is subjective.

3. Whites are accepted at the same rate as Asians.

4. Asian's accept at 50% of White students.

5. For many Chinese I have noticed, Cal Poly San Luis is an unknown brand.  UC have a much higher brand recognition.



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