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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rejection from Colleges - Dealing with it

With college admissions, there is a lot of rejection by colleges. The colleges first spend a huge amount on marketing to you to get you to apply, and then reject you. And why? So they can show how selective they are are part of the rankings game. Some colleges do not even charge for online applications as a way to game the system.

I picked this up at a place I worked that had a lot of layoffs.  There are four stages for dealing with loss, and many times the stages are mixed.  So you have a bit of shock and anger at the same time.

For the college you thought you were a Shoe In For:


Shock - How could they reject me!  Everybody gets admitted here!

Anger - I just heard that so and so got in with a lower GPA!  What is wrong with that school!

Denial - There must be something wrong with their admission process.

Acceptance - Lots of qualified applicants, budget cuts for UC's in California, and I got accepted at XYZ anyway where I really wanted to go.  Or it was too (fill in the blank) anyway.



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