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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

College Brands to Many Asian Parents

The brand name of a college is so important to many Asian Parents, especially Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese I have observed first hand.

Ivy Leagues are at the top.  A parent is so proud when they can say their child is going or went to Harvard!  The daughter of a Korean termite exterminator I met is going to Harvard and he was very proud.  The next tier in California is the UC's an Stanford.  The Claremont Colleges, CMC, Pomona, Scripps, Harvey Mudd, and Pitzer don't seem to be as well known or have the same brand awareness in the Asian community.  Another ranking of the world's top universities.

The top UC's Rankings (Rankings do vary)

#1 UC Berkeley - Student body is over 50% Asian

#2 UCLA - In 2009 was 23% acceptance rate.  This year looks worse for instate. They are recruiting more students from out of state due to budget cuts.

#3 UCSD - 2009 was 40% acceptance.  This year it seems to be lower.  Not a safe school any more per a college admission's councilor I spoke with who commented its been getting harder and harder each year.

#4 UC Santa Barbara 49% acceptance rate in 2009

#5 UC Irvine - 49% acceptance rate in 2009

#6 - UC Davis - 53% acceptance rate

#7 UC Santa Cruz

#8 UC Riverside

#9 - UC Merced



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