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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chinese Banks

I had to go to two Chinese banks yesterday.  Yes, dutyful Son-in-law who is available during the weekday when banks are open.

There have been a lot of bank robberies around Rowland Heights, so the Chinese banks have either added security guards or you need to be buzzed in.

The first bank I went to is one was for my Father in law to do a deposit.  Web up to the glass door.  Rang the door bell.  Tried to open, nothing.  Rang door bell again.  Not hearing any buzzing.  So I knocked on glass door and everybody in the bank then looked at me :-)  And I finally got door open.  May be the battery in the door bell remote needed to be replaced or something.

Second bank for a business transfer.  Not my usual branch.  Big mistake.  I had to take out my driver license 3 times!  And then the regular branch called my wife to confirm this morning. 



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