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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cal Poly - A tale of two schools

I graduated from Cal Poly!

But which one?  May be this helps:

A great Engineering school and famous for their Rose Float entry (which I helped build 2 years).

I went to Cal Poly Pomona, but the description is true for both schools.  Their are actually two Cal Poly's in California.  One in Pomona, and the other in San Luis Obispo (SLO).  Both are highly ranked in Engineering, Architecture, and Agriculture.  Pomona was originally a satellite campus of SLO.  Both have the motto of Learn by Doing, and I appreciate the Engineering Education I received with lots of lab time.

Last week was my first visit to SLO and I was impressed.  The rankings, graduation rate, and entrance requirements are generally higher than Pomona.  The feel of the campus was very similar to each other.  There was definitely a Cal Poly feel to the SLO campus.  Pomona does have a much better restaurant :-)  Pomona is a commuter school, which SLO is not.  SLO is in a beautiful area on the Central California Coast, and Pomona, is umm, next to Pomona.  But near Los Angeles and OC.



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