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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lunch Trucks in Rowland Heights Chinatown

We went yesterday to the HK Market Plaza at Colima a block from Fullerton.  They had a bunch of lunch trucks with a couple of other stalls.  May it was for Dragon Boat Festival (which is today).


  1. The most popular lunch truck was one that made Octopus Balls.  My wife and daughter had them, and my wife's comment was the ones in Osaka were much better (famous local food).  My daughter's comments was she would not know, since she had to go to school instead of going to Japan...  Kids have long memories.  That was 8 years ago for a business trip :-)
  2. Many of the lunch trucks did not make sense.  Rowland Heights has cheap lunch specials.  And the pricing of the trucks was mostly higher. $6 to $8 sandwiches, in the land of $5.99 Chinese lunch specials is challenging.
  3. The lunch trucks included a fusion American Indian (desert Fry Bread was great), Greek, Hawaiian Ice, Ice Cream, Sushi, Octopus Balls, Korean Mexican, NY Sandwiches, and Philippine.  Truthfully, wrong location for most of them. 



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