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Monday, June 20, 2011

Taiwan Food Scare

China, South Korea, Philiphines, and Hong Kong banned the importation of certain food and drinks form Taiwan.

Plasticizers were added to soft drinks and fruit juices.  This may have been going on for decades.  Plasticizers carcogenic and are supposed to be used to soften plastic, not as a food additive (to make drinks a certain color, with a cloudier agent). 

My understanding is a 25 year prison sentence has been requested for the company owner.  Its been a real black eye for both the current Taiwan government (slow in handling the crisis), as well as Taiwan's reputation for food safety.


INTERVIEW: Expert pushes for better food safety regulation - Taipei Times

A Darkness Falls on Taiwan's Night Markets - WSJ

Food scandals in Taiwan: Plastic unfantastic - The Economist

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