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Friday, July 29, 2011

China High Speed Rail Update

China's Wen visited the train crash scene.

Things I did not realize:

1. Japan's bullet train has had 1 fatality in its operating history (the automatic doors).
2. France's trains have had zero fatalities.
3. The two trains that crashed were operated by different railway bureus.
4. Lightning is a regular issue/occurance.
5. There were a half dozen power failures before the incident.
6. The 5 year old girl who was rescued after the search had eneded.
7. Per the people's daily, the training for the Engineer only took 10 days.

China's high-speed train crash, Interrogating the Party - The Economist
Death on the High Speed Rail - Chinageeks.

History of high speed propaganda tells all - China Media Project

The official popaganda guidelines is a great read.  The focus on articles are to be ones that are extremely moving, such as taxi drivers refusing fairs, etc.


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