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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

China High Speed Train Tragedy

Massive corruption + super fast construction = poor quality usually.

Especially sad for the 39 passengers who died, plus those injured.

And the Chinese government has censored covering of the tragedy.  Reporters are not being allowed at the crash site.  The censorship is not working, it seems.  And the top 3 people in the railroad company are being investigated (sacrificial lambs).  I am surprised, on the Chinese twitter, for the 3rd straight day, its the most discussed item.  Wow!  And showing the power of the Internet and how China is connected to the rest of the world, the way wreckage of Air Francde 447 was handled is being contrasted with the train wreckage, and has been reposted 42,000 times.

The high speed rail was supposed to be a positive symbol of China, so the sensitivity is understandable. 

Fears China rail crash result of project cutting corners - The Australian
Chinese Outrage Grows Over Train Crash - WSJ

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