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Monday, September 26, 2011

FaceBook Privacy

Privacy is a big concern of mine, and its a challenge to figure out what should be public, and what is private (keeps me from getting in trouble with my family).  And as a business owner, it makes me very careful about customers privacy and understanding concerns.

Good article - Is Facebook killing your privacy? Some say it already has - LA Times

I was surprised when an author I read, mentioned the transparent society, and in the last couple of months I am finally understanding what he meant.  This article/editorial, along with the cartoon, helped me understand that unfortunately to FaceBook, I am a product, and not a customer, unfortunately. And this story about early FaceBook surprised me.

And yes, I have read about Super Cookies and other types of online tracking, and I know all new cell phones have GPS built into them, and I have read about Stingray. And to be fair, I am aware of all the data that Google and other search engines have collected on me, and how this can be combined with other information to build a very detailed portrait of who I am (and this was before Google +) 

I learned about E-Mail privacy the hard way, with the golden rule being never send an E-Mail you would not want to be published on the front page of the NY Times.  Physical letters were so less likely to be forwarded.  And now with twitter, anything you send can be instantly available to everyone!

Another article, Elgan: Fighting Facebook feature fatigue that has 3 great points:

Unfortunately, Facebook is now violating three unwritten rules for making users happy with social services:
Keep it simple.

Keep it linear.

Deliver the mail.

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