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Monday, October 24, 2011

Toddler Death Update

Quick Recap - A 2 year old got hit twice in traffic in China, and then 18 people passed by and did not help her, till an old peddler did.  Its gotten a huge amount of press in China. There was an incident in China where a good samiran had to pay part of a hospital bill for the person they helped.

I just found out the child died, and the two drivers who hit her are awaiting trial.  The incident was captured on a security camera,

This answers some questions to my post Good samaritans in China, but now I have a few more.

Toddler's Death Stirs Ire in China - WSJ

Peng Yu, in 2006, helped an old lady who fell in Nanjing in 2007, and was forced by a court to pay 40% of her medical bill.  The court explained since he had helped her, he must have had some fault in her fall. 

My question is who filed the lawsuite on the bill?  Was it the old lady, or the hospital?  Was the judge paid off to give this verdict?

After some googling, the answer was the old lady sued.  There is a problem in China, with the lack of a safety net, where the old often live in poverty.
A 45,000-yuan helping hand: common sense, decency, and crowded public transportation

Some more examples of Good Samaritans running into issues in China. China Scares Off Good Samaritans - The Economic Observer

It seems this is very similar to the fraud done with fake car accidents in the US, where a person will stop all of a sudden in front of you.  This happened to a friend of mine when I was in college.



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