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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chinese Food Update

My take away is:
  • Foreign firms in China are being made scapegoats (Lipton, Johnson & Johnson, WalMart) by highlighting any possible issues. Johnson & Johnson surprises me - they were used as case studies on an ethical company. Lipton is strange - rare earth in teas?  WalMart was accused of falsely labeling pork as organic, and suffered the closure of stores in Chongqing (where Bo Xilai is campaigning for a top central committee position).
  • China has a serious food safety issue.
  • Lack of trust by ordinary people on safe food
  • Organic food sells for a premium
  • Foreign companies are seen as safer than Chinese firms for food
Recent Stories:

China sentences 113 in tainted pork scandal - AP
Lipton tea in China falls short of safety standards-regulator - Reuters
Food for Thought: Alice Waters Visits China Amid Safety Scares - Time



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