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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Judge Rules Teacher Should Lose Job After Facebook Post

I have such mixed feelings about this.
  1. Some classes have students that act like jerks. And no one will tell them they are acting unacceptably, including their parents who believe they walk on water. A friend of mine was a substitute teacher, a super nice lady very soft spoken, and a girl cursed at her.  She talked to the parent, who would not believe her little angel would curse, and accused my friend of lying. At another school a parent was lawsuite happy, so all the teachers knew to leave the kid alone.
  2. Never, never put anything electronic you don't want to go public.  The rule I learned in E-Mail days, was never put anything in an E-Mail you would not want to appear on the front page of the NY Times.
  3. This seems like more of the zero tolerance behavior, that removes common sense from decisions.
Judge Rules Teacher Should Lose Job After Facebook Post



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