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Monday, April 9, 2012

as Higher Education Stiffed Its Most Important Client?

I do wonder this...

 The Forgotten Student: Has Higher Education Stiffed Its Most Important Client? - The Atlantic

College acceptances just came out, and its even crazier than last year. A person got accepted by UC Berkeley and CMC (full scholarship), and got turned down by UCLA. Go figure!

I have noticed how more professors are becoming part time, which makes them a bit nomadic going from college to college teaching classes. I am not saying adjunct professors make worse teachers, some of my best teachers were adjunct but did not get tenure due to politics or because they also worked in industry.

The article notes how many college professors are not taught how to teach. My take on this is much of the content to get a teacher certificate (required for K-12 teaching, but not for college) are not relevant - I have a Masters in Teaching, and I have a few issues with what I was taught. I learned so much more from my master teacher, than the classes I took to get to my degree/certification. And its amazing that a PhD can go teach in a university, but not in K-12.



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