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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cameras in Class Rooms

I was surprised in the comments a lot of teachers wrote it would be helpful for discipline to have a camera in the class room.

I have mixed feelings on this. As a parent, I would appreciate being able to login to see my child during the day. As a male teacher, in some classes, I would appreciate the protection this gives me. But, as a teacher, I would also worry about video being taken out of context and being used against me. And privacy is also an issue.

With camera being so prevalent in retail stores due to the low cost (next time your in a Target or WalMart, look at the ceilings and you will see a huge amount of black bubbles that are cameras that cover the entire store to reduce shoplifting/theft), I am sure more schools will start adding them to class rooms as a way to reduce liability.

LAUSD Sub Allegedly Had Hidden Camera Under Desk - LA Times


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