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Monday, April 2, 2012

Strange China News

China has put some new limits on micro blogging, because some rumours of a coup came out. 6 people were arrested over the rumours.  Comments have been stopped by Sino Weibo and Tencent weibo. These are twitter like services. China now requires all micro bloggers to register their real names by March 16.

My take is during this change over of the top leadership in China, China is seeking to have as little bad publicity as possible.

China purges coup rumours from social media • The Register

China arrests over coup rumours - BBC News

China tells Ai Weiwei no public trial for tax case - Reuters
Again, a way to reduce negative news.

Briton Who Died in China Expressed Fears to Friends - WSJ.com
This was front page on the Wall Street Journal. Very strange. I have heard some horrible stories about ethnic Chinese and Chinese citizens in China, and how they are treated, but this is the first for a non ethnic Chinese. Very strange...

China's 'princelings' emerge as rising political stars - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
Nice article explaining the relationships



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