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Monday, May 21, 2012

Reviews Are Easy And You May Win $100

Have you bought a book or dvd from us recently? Or have you bought from us before? Old and new customers are encouraged to join our monthly Childbook.com's Photo and Review Contest. You may never know, you might take home the $100 prize. Contest is open to all current and previous customers of ChildBook.com

You can join two ways:
  • Go to the product page of the product you bought and write a review 
        If you bought more than one product, you can submit multiple entries, one review for each product you bought. All reviews submitted will be moderated.  Positive and negative reviews will be judged equally.
  • Submit a photo of yourself or of your child while using a Child Book product. (Please be sure the product is clearly shown in the photo)
        Send the photos to  sales@childbook.com. Each photo submitted (as long as it has a different product on it) is 1 entry. You may also submit many photos featuring the same product, but this will only be counted as 1 entry.
         A winner  will be picked through a true random number service and awarded $100. We need at least 10 entries before we can draw a winner. If in case the reviews were less than 10 for a certain month, no winner will be drawn instead the entries will be carried over to the next month. Deadline for submission of entries is on the last day of the month at 12:00 AM PST. 

         We will announce the winners every first Wednesday of the month and will be posted in the ChildBook newsletter, blog, Twitter and Facebook Page. For more information, please head over to our Contest Site.

         So why not write a review or submit a photo to us. You might be our next $100 winner!


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