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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turn on the Music, and Let Learning Begin

Have you every noticed how well you know the word to every song that played on the radio, but can’t recall items from the chart of elements? Or why we sing the alphabet to our children? Or how teens can pick up songs and long monologue-like raps in a heartbeat?

Two Tigers, 40 Chinese Songs CD and Book #1, Hardcover - Children's Picture Book and CD in Mandarin and Traditional Characters with Bo Po Mo
Two Tigers, 40 Chinese Children Songs CD and Book #1, Hardcover
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There is a reason why teachers use music and songs to teach foreign language. Studies show that people relate better to music. Its tunes and beats set an atmosphere of learning that is fun and relaxed. It is at this setting that learning begins.

Children Songs, Pull Turnip - Songs in Mandarin. CD
Children Songs, Pull Turnip - Songs in Mandarin. CD
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Children Songs, Pull Turnip - Songs in Mandarin. CD 

Foreign language classes are using music to stimulate learning. The language used in songs is also representative of the current language of the culture. Plus, a catchy tune will make students want to listen and understand the true meaning of the song.

Music Toy House #1 - music CD
Music Toy House #1 - music CD
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Music Toy House #1 - music CD 

Over the years, two problems were pointed out in relying on music for learning. First, teachers noted the incorrect use of grammar in some songs. Second, they worried that the non-serious tone of the songs will actually deter learning. Actual results over the years have refuted the two points. Non-standard grammar helps students learn how a language is actually spoken outside the walls of their classroom. Research has also shown that students learned just the same amount as the traditional method.

If learning a new language is in your bucket list, crank up your radio, and let the learning begin.


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