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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chinese Tour of Los Angeles

A teacher from Ohio asked me what I would recommend for a Chinese Tour of LA.

My quick 2 cents:

My 2 cents on what to visit for a Chinese Themed visit to LA:

1. Chinese Temple in Hacienda Heights
2. Din Tai Fung Dumplings in Arcadia
3. Dim Sum place (look on yelp and look at your schedule to choose a good one). Located through out the San Gabriel Valley. For Rowland Heights I like Hong Kong Palace for a true dim sum experience. Happy Harbor Restaurant if your into the food. I have not tried
New Capital Seafood Restaurant (used to be called something else).
4. Quick drive through the LA Chinatown, a historical Chinatown.
5. Quick trip through Monterey Park, may be stop at the Chinese Mall at Del Mar and Valley.
6. One of the Chinese museums in Chinatown. Both if you have the time.
7. Visit a Chinese bakery for a snack.

8. Chinese Gardens at Huntingon Library

For a tour company:

Kim Cooper - tours@esotouric.com
Kim and Richard are amazingly knowledgeable on LA anything related to history. I have gone on two of their tours.

Six Taste
I have been wanting to do a tour by them - I get a weekly deal e-mail from Goldstar and they mention an Eating Tour of San Gabriel Chinese suburbs, but my wife (from Taiwan) looks at me as if I am crazy.
Great reviews on yelp!

LA Conservancy
They also have tours and they may know someone.

I just found this on the Internet, looks like a Chinese Tour company:

There are two Chinese museums I know of in LA. They may be able to refer someone:


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