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Monday, May 21, 2012

America Jealous of China?

I have noticed in a lot of comments as I read article's on China, about how the US is jealous of China's success.  I even got a comment like that on my blog post on Resource-Rich Canada Looks to China for Growth.

Americans always clamor about how great and beneficial competition is for the world, just as long as they win and are on top. But when China is catching up fast and Americans cannot compete as well, Americans then whine about unfair competition, illegal dumping, and so on.

My opinion:
  1. The US government and people, usually just wants a level playing field and countries to play by the rules. Yes, I acknowledge how some special interest groups from time to time have twisted rules to their advantage in the US (sugar, textiles, etc), but this is usually much smaller than what many other countries have done. The goal is a system that is win win, and not a win lose. The US has a history of helping other countries get richer. Japan and Germany are examples of this.
  2. Canada is their own country, and they can do what ever they want. The Canadian government needs to do what is best for their country, and they should not ignor the potential market of China. 
  3. The US Government should not take Canada for granted.
A good article to read:

Ezra Klein Explains the Fallacy of American Decline - The American Interest


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