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Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Chinese immigrants struggle with English fluency

Interesting article comparing Chinese immigrants to Slavic Language Immigrants in Montreal. The study found Slavic Immigrants made much more progress in their English, and Chinese immigrants.

My guess, which is not in the article, is in Montreal, the large Chinese community in Montreal (they have a Chinatown), reduces the need for English. I am sure there are Chinese banks, restaurants, and markets. I doubt there is the same type of businesses for Slavic Language Speakers.

A Math Teacher I had in College, from Japan, mentioned he went to school in Iowa and he got met at the airport by three Japanese students. They were super happy he was there, so they could play some game that required 4 people. His English did not improve much, since he spent all his time with other Japanese students in Iowa while he went to school there.

Why Chinese immigrants struggle with English fluency - The Star

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