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Friday, October 19, 2012

85 Degree C - Unusual Chinese Bakery

Any guesses on what I found unusual at 85 Degrees C in Hacienda Heights??

These would be good guesses:
  • It's the busiest Chinese bakery I have seen.
  • It's 3X the size of a typical Chinese Bakery
  • The Website has a Typo in their title - 85。C‧COFFEE‧CAKE‧SPECIATLTY STORE
  • Buns are probably average 50% more costly than a typical Chinese Bakery, but their items are also larger. They have a lot of items for $2.50, where other bakeries are around $1.50
  • 137 Locations in Taiwan. More locations in China and Australia, and now the US. I believe they have over 500 world wide.
  • Over 676 reviews on Yelp for their Hacienda Heights location.
What I found unusual, was many of the counter staff was non-Chinese! This was a first for any Chinese bakery I have ever been too.



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