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Monday, March 18, 2013

85 Degree C - Amazing Chinese Bakery

I first heard about 85 Degree's C from my daughter a couple of years ago when they first opened their Irvine store, and she was treated there by her Piano Teacher. I heard they had a line out the door. 85 Degree C has opened a store in Haciena Heights, and they just opened on in West Covina. Their store is about 4 times larger than the typical Chinese bakery and I have never seen a Chinese bakery as busy. And they open at 7AM on weekdays! And on yelp they currently have 784 reviews with an average of 4 stars, where JJ bakery has 59 reviews with a 4 star average. RJ Patisserie has 103 with 3 1/2 stars - change of ownership?

My 2 cents on why if I had a Chinese Bakery in the US, I would be worried:

85 Degree C Advantages:
  • Hot Bread - Think Krispy Cream with their hot donuts.
  • Rapid Turn Over of products
  • 700 Stores in China, Australia, Taiwan, and the US
  • 4 times larger than typical Chinese bakery
  • About same price as typical Chinese bakery
  • Easy for non Chinese to purchase
  • Recipes created by 5 star chefs
  • Publically traded company in Taiwan
  • Sell drinks
Starbucks of Taiwan' – 85 Degrees C – expands in Southern California - KPCC

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