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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

US Rice Imports have high Lead Levels?

Per the article, Rice imported by the US from China and Taiwan both have high levels of rice.

On one hand I am surprised at Taiwan being included, and on the other no. Taiwan used to have a lot of heavy industry before transitioning into high tech, and with many countries during their industrialization, including the US (Love Canal), the environment was not the greatest focus.

With China, unfortunately there have been a lot of food and environmental scandals, which I find sad. What is worse, is in China, government officials have their own exclusive suppliers for safer food.

US rice imports 'contain harmful levels of lead' - BBC


In China, what you eat tells who you are COLUMN ONE
In a nation reeling from tainted-food scandals, organic products are mostly reserved for the rich and political elite. Chinese government officials have exclusive suppliers, who do not advertise.
September 16, 2011|By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times

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