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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Should Interns Get Paid?

I have very mixed feelings on this. There seems to be a bit of a double standard, where if your a non-profit it's ok not to pay an intern, but if your a for profit you can get in trouble. And there is the challenge is it a true internship where the person is learning, or are they actually doing a job for no pay. Sometimes Interns have hidden costs, since they do require training. But on the other hand, does the ability of some interns to not need to work, give them an unfair advantage?

Internships seem to be part of the college experience. As well as part of having a great application for college.


Warner, Atlantic sued over unpaid internships - CBS News

Should Interns Get Paid? - Richochet

http://www.unpaidinternslawsuit.com/ - a site for lawsuits for unpaid interns.

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