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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bug Bombs Chinatown Explosion

I have a huge amount of empathy for this. When ever my family has moved into a new place, we set off bug bombs. We open up all the cabinets and let it sit overnight, after being very careful to make sure all the pilot lights and such are off. I had nightmares about my house burning down. At least now I know my nightmare was based on real issues. I believe we used 4 for a house, so using 20 is a lot of overkill. Especially when there are shared walls and such. When ever poison is being used, I always worry about where it going. And this was the 2nd use of bug bombs, so a total of 44 were used.

Expert: Chinatown Building Explosion Shows Danger Of Bug Bombs - CBS Local
20 Bug Bombs Were Used In Building This Week, Officials Say

NYC Women Sets Off 44 Bug Bombs, Blows Up A Chinatown Building - Opposing Views



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