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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Regular Bedtimes Helps Improve Student Scores

 Having a set routine helps in building a habit. When I was subbing, I saw so many kids of all ages, who were so tired in class, because they had not gotten a good nights sleep the night before. Kids need sleep. Being sleep deprived I read is similar to being drunk. Think how good a student you are if you were drunk? And by having a set bed time, it helps for making it consistent. I know students who do all nighters to cram at the last minute, but to actually learn the material for the longer term, it does not help. You may pass the test, but if you ever need to use it again, you will need to re-learn it.

  • Irregular bedtimes can affect learning potential for life, scientists found
  • Sleep gives very young children's brains a chance to process and learn

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