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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yelp and Chinese Teachers, Schools, and Tutors

So what does Yelp have to do with Teaching Chinese?

Parents want to find the right help in Learning Chinese, so they are going to Google your Teaching Chinese business probably looking for reviews. And the major player for Reviews for businesses with a physical location, is Yelp!

Why Get Reviews!

Getting reviews adds credibility to your business, which will increase your revenue. If a Learning Chinese Student's parents are choosing a tutor, school, or Teacher, if you have Positive Reviews that will set you apart from your competition. What clients want is to know they will get the best value for their child for Learning Chinese. Employers Google potential employers,  people use Yelp to find out if the new Restaurant is any good, and businesses are checked out online all the time. Your online reputation is hugely important, and reviews are part of that.

Claim Your Profile!

So the first thing you need to do is claim your profile. Create a Yelp Account, and then create a Business Listing. You will need to have a physical address for this. Yelp, for some reason, does not cater to Internet businesses (I disagree 100% with this). But, Yelp is based on location. And for most Chinese Tutors, Teachers, and Schools you are location based! Adding a picture to your profile is also a good idea.

Get Reviewed!

 Ask your clients to post reviews. Find Happy Clients, and ask them as a favor. Most review sites get upset if you offer something in return. For example, don't offer money or a gift card for doing reviews, this gets you in trouble. You can offer discounts in exchange for Likes. If you get a negative review, post a respectful response. If possible, take care of the customer issue.

Get Check-ins!

 Everyone it seems has a mobile phone, so check-ins are easy.

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