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Monday, December 16, 2013

Fallout of US Spying on US Companies in China

US Companies have helped the US government spy per Edward Snowden. And in a catch 22 situation, they can't tell You if they have helped the US spy, since to even admit they have could get them trouble. From a privacy prospective, it's very troubling.

With the revelations of Edward Snowden, US Businesses in China that sell computer hardware, such as IBM and Cisco, may have had their sales hurt. China's government may be using this as an excuse to buy Chinese goods, or there may be a legitimate reasons for this. IBM's sales dropped 22% in China. Cisco had a 18% drop in orders. And Cisco had significant drop in sales in Brazil (25%), Russia (30%), India, and Mexico.

 IBM hid China's reaction to NSA spying 'cos it cost us BILLIONS, rages angry shareholder - The Register

 - Gigacom

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