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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rotten Banana?

Banana is a racial slur and it's strange that a Chinese newspaper used it to describe the departing US ambassador.

I don't understand why.

Pause, while I do a bit of research to figure out why this happened.

Banana's colors are Yellow the outside, but White inside. So Asian (Chinese), and American inside is how this would translate politically.

Gary Locke is third generation ethnic Chinese who was the US Ambassador to China for 2 1/2 years. His wife is a former TV reporter, and glamorous. Gary Locke grew up speaking Cantonese, so his Mandarin is not fluent.

China's government has an assumption, that is your ethnic Chinese, you are Chinese. That is why if your an  American Chinese doing business in China, you have fewer rights than a non ethnic Chinese doing business there. Examples are business people who have been jailed in China over business deals, where non ethnic Chinese do not have this danger.

If your ethnic Chinese it's assumed you will favor China's government's view. If you have another view on China, than the official view, your seen as a traitor. There may have also been an issue, where Gary Locke was seen as humble, and did not flaunt his wealth.


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