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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teaching Chinese - Get A Website!

Why should Chinese Schools and Tutors have a Website?

Because people who are willing to pay you for Learning Chinese, are online. When they are talking to you over the phone, they may also be looking at your website.

What will a web presence do for you?
  1. Increase credibility on your abilities
  2. Give customers assurance, you are a real business
  3. Give you the opportunity to show customer testimonials.
  4. Allow you to have a video, with a simple Chinese lesson. Upload it to Youtube, create your own channel if you like, and link your page to it.
  5. Showcase your Value Proposition? More on this in a later post. Basically it's why should people buy from you?

But, I am not a Technical Person? How do I...

Use WordPress, which is free, select a hosting plan which has a minimal cost, and add some content. There are over 60 million websites using WordPress. Do not do custom coding on each page, it's not a good use your time.

Why Not Just Facebook?

 A web presence gives a more professional , reputable impression. Facebook for business is a bit trickier.

Why Not Just LinkedIn?

 LinkedIn is basically an online resume. It is good, but it's not a focused, dedicated website. For your professional development, I do recommend LinkedIn. Here is my profile that is a hobby of mine:

You can create a company page on LinkedIn, but a dedicated website is superior. The company webpage on linkedin is limited.

How Do I Create Content?

Audio tape yourself, talking about what you do, get it transcribed and put on your site, and instant content! Sometimes it's easier to talk about your business, than it is to write about it.

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