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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fixing Colleges

I am so glad my daughter is almost finished with College! It's been educational going through the entire college experience, from applications to some of the classes she has been forced to take, and what she has learned. She is going to a great school, but it's frustrating as a parent, how her time has been wasted with some agenda driven classes. Not to mention how the tuition in California has doubled, over the last couple of years.

A good read by Victor Davis Hanson

How to Fix College, Via Via Meadia

Related topic, about how tuition by the middle class and upper class students, is subsidizing other students. I wish there was more openness on the practice. With the huge increase in student loans taken by students, over a trillion dollars, this is a huge issue that is current hidden by most colleges.

More Students Subsidize Classmates' Tuition - WSJ

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