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Monday, July 28, 2014

Plastic Surgery for Asians

A long article that is worth a read that asks a lot of good questions, about perceptions about race. Plastic surgery is a minefield. It was interesting to read more about the history of that surgery in the US, and what is popular with Asians in the US.
Is Race Plastic? My Trip Into the ‘Ethnic Plastic Surgery’ Minefield - The Cut - NY Mag

What I have noticed, is eyes are a big area of surgery for Asians. A friends sister, who is an identical twin, got the surgery.

And plastic surgery gone bad:

What I find scary, is the celebrities have money, and if they can't get a good job with the amount they are spending, how safe is it for regular people?

Interesting survey results from Taiwan - a large percentage of teens thought plastic surgery was OK
Plastic Surgery okay, says teens - Chinapost



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