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Monday, July 7, 2014

Chinese use of Nanny's in the US

Many ethnic Chinese use Nanny's in the US. There is a supply of recent Chinese immigrants in the US, legal and not, who are willing to be live in Nannies. The rate varies depending on the experience, and where the person is from. A person from Taiwan with the same qualifications, usually charges more than a person from China. The duties include cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Some Nannies for older children, also include dropping and picking up from school the children.

This recent saga, shows some of the potential issues of having an unknown person as a Nanny, live in your house.

There is a lot of rules for hiring a Nanny proper in the US, as Zoë Baird found out with the Nannygate scandal.

The 'nightmare nanny' who came to stay and now won't leave: Family's fight to kick out carer who refused to work... and now wants to ban THEM from their own house - Daily Mail, UK

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