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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mudslinging in Rowland Heights 55th Assembly Race

There were two ethnic Chinese running for the 55th assembly that includes Rowland Heights. I was amazed at the amount of mailings I got from the two. Ling-Ling Chang and Gregg Fritchle won the primary, to face each other in the November election.

What I noticed about this extremely negative campaign:
  1. Ling-Ling Chang did lots of robocalls and offered a telephone number to speak with her.
  2. Phillip Chen focused on him being a reserve office with the LA Sheriffs department.
  3. Both candidates clarified the resume of the other. I was amused by the pictures chosen by each site of their competitor, compared to the picture they used for their own candidate. The past experience and business ownership, and conflict of interests were another area each highlighted. 
  4. Chang and Chen both raised about $600,000, out of a total of $1.4 Million spent by all candidates.

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