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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

China Russia Alliance

Communist China and Russia have a strange history.

The USSR originally supported the KMT, and provided training to them that allowed them to rule China, until the Communist revolution of 1949. Later, the USSR supported the Chinese communist party including the occupation of Manchuria from the Japanese. China's government had border incidents with the USSR during the late 60's after the relationship cooled. Supposedly in 1969, Russia wanted to do a nuclear strike on China, and the US vetoed it. Russia supported India, which also had a border incident with China. And then the fall of the USSR, had a huge psychological impact on Chinese leadership.

So where is Russia and China today? My 2 cents are both are both very self centered, and focused on what is best for their economic and political interests.

The Tiger and the Bear: China-Russia Alliance Shrouded in Mystery - US News & World Report

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