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Monday, April 21, 2014

China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years


China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years - Daily Mail
The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America 

I know a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants who have become Christians after immigrating to the US. In Rowland Heights, it's amazing how many churches there are. Yelp only has 3 churches, and I know there is more. Hmm.... A better list with 20 churches in Rowland Heights, which I still think missed a few. There is a huge church off of Fairway and Colima. 10 per Google Maps.

And this huge Buddhist Temple is being built in Rowland Heights.

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