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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SAT Changes

Understanding the changes in the SAT, and what is driving it

My view if you understand why something is happening, such as the changes to the SAT, it's easier to figure out the how and what. My 2 cents on why the changes are happening to the SAT. The major one being the ACT was taking away market share.
  1. The essay scores were a joke, and gave points more for length than the ability to write.
  2. The ACT was taking market share away from the SAT, with more students taking the ACT in 2012 than the SAT.
  3. Common Core Standards are now in the new SAT. The theory being the SAT will now be closer aligned to school curriculums. Common Core has been adopted by 45 states.
  4. SAT's will no longer deduct points for wrong answers, so now you can guess!
  5. The score is now going back to a maximum of 1600, from 2400.
  6. The changes will not happen to 2016.
  7. Many schools (over 800) have made submitting test scores optional, and there is just a .6% difference in graduation rate.
  8. Only 8% of low income students get a bachelors by age 24.
  9. The new test is supposed to make it harder for preparation classes to make a huge difference.
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