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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nogales Closed for 2 Years?

I am surprised that Nogales is going to be closed for 24 months for the underpass to be created!


The Alameda Corridor is where underpasses and overpasses are put in to allow trains to go from the Ports of LA without delaying traffic. The project has improved the traffic a huge amount in Rowland Heights. My business used to be located near the under construction underpass on Brea Canyon, I remember the construction on Nogales at Valley, and now the underpass at Nogales and Gale is being worked on.

Personal opinion, this entire project has been done piecemeal, and because of that a lot of money has been wasted. It would have been smarter to just dig and place the entire route when possible underground, as was done in Reno. Instead some areas the railroad gets raised for a street level grade, other areas the street goes over on an overpass (Azusa), and other areas their is an underpass.

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