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Friday, March 28, 2014

NY Schools Segregated?

The headline in the Daily Mail article is misleading and link bait , but this paragraph brings up a lot of questions:
At elite Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan, just seven black students and 21 Latino students were admitted this year compared to the 164 white students and 680 Asian students. It was the same story at Bronx Science, which admitted 557 Asian students, 252 white students, 50 Latinos and 18 black students, according to data reported in Drop Out Nation.
Interesting the focus of the article. It reminds me of the recent fuss about putting back Affirmative Action into college admissions in California.

Questions that are not asked:
  • Why do Black and Latino students do poorly on the standardized tests, compared to Asians?
  • What percentage of the population is Asian, compared to everyone else?
  • What is the typical income of the Asian students, compared to everyone else?
The article:
New York public schools segregation - Daily Mail 

This entire topic I covered last year, but it has come back again.  Hmm, I wonder what is driving this... 
NY Elite Tests Favor Asians?

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