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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Battle for the South China Sea


Quick Summary: Vietnam and China are very nationalistic, and there is a history of armed conflict. And both sides are spending on their navies.

China is confronting Vietnam in the South China Sea. Vietnam has responded both with riots against Chinese owned factories in Vietnam, as well as confrontation at sea.

Vietnam and China in the last 40 years have had 3 major armed confrontations, the largest in 1979 where over 30,000 died.

1979 - Chinese invasion of Vietnam. Probably around 30,000 dead, with the majority being Chinese. China's army after this went through major changes to improve it's ability for offensive operations and logistics.

1974 - Battle of the Paracel Islands
1978-1979 - Ethnic Chinese boat people, over 250,000 left Vietnam
1979 - Sino-Vietnamese War 30,000 dead
1988 - Johnson South Reef Skirmish 2 Vietnamese ships sunk
2014 - South China Sea Confrontation

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