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Saturday, February 14, 2015

China denies suggestions it stole designs for new U.S. fighter

China denies suggestions it stole designs for new U.S. fighter - CNN

The article also states that Chinese aircraft, that resembles the F-35, is not capable.

My thoughts, sure on both statements...

Per Edward Snowden, Chinese hackers stole 50 Terabytes of Data on the F-35. The US government has also admitted the F-35 data has been hacked. Per another article, this may have saved the Chinese 25 years of research and development.

For Industrial espionage using the Internet, China has probably the best ability out there. The US does have a hacking ability, but it's not used for industrial espionage. In China, the relations between companies and the government is much closer, than in the US.

On the 2nd accusation, that the Chinese aircraft the resembles the F-35 is not as capable. I am not a huge fan of the F-35, and I marvel at what has been done politically by the manufacturers and the air force to keep it going. The last time a plane was designed for all services to do all things, was the F-111. The idea was one aircraft for all services would save money.  The result was the services, after the failure of the F-111, went with cheaper less functional aircraft such as the F-15, F-16, F-18, Harrier Jump Jet, and A-10. And now, all those aircraft, including the vertical take off aircraft are to be replaced by the F-35.

The requirement for the vertical takeoff, in my opinion, makes the F-35 probably less functional in many ways than the Chinese version.

In the Trenches with the F-35 - The American Interest

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