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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Asian American Lawsuit against Ivy League Admissions

64 organizations filed a discrimination suit against Harvard, with the US Education Dept.

At Cal Tech which is race neutral, 46% of under-graduates are Asian. In the Ivy League, 21%. UC Berkeley is at least 42%, may be over 50% when International students are included.

Asians have to score for Harvard Admissions:

  • 140 points higher than white students
  • 270 points higher than Hispanic students
  • 450 points higher than African-American

Good statistics.
Harvard Accused of Bias Against Asian-Americans - WSJ

Yes, next question.
Do Ivy League schools have a 'bamboo ceiling' on admissions? - China Daily USA

A good read, sad, but believable.

Side note, so how would you hide the amount of Asian attending UC Berkeley?

By listing ethnicity by country background! And break out International as a separate category. Note this is not done for Hispanics...

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