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Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Covers for Chinese Made Easy for Kids

New Covers for Chinese Made Easy for Kids

Quick Thoughts - I am not a Graphic Artist, but after spending a few days adding the new, 2nd edition of Chinese Made Easy for Kids, I have become very familiar with the covers after spending a bit of time with them, including watermarking. And design is an interest of mine.
  1. Pastels are in!
  2. Workbooks have Grey Covers? I guess...
  3. Textbooks and workbooks share the same graphics, just different colors. 
  4. Cartoon images
  5. Traditional they just went with blue. 
  6. In the previous edition, multiple cartoon characters were used. In the new edition they use one cartoon character per cover, which are actually from the previous edition. This focused my attention a lot more on the cartoon image, previously I did not notice them much.
  7. The previous edition used a colored side bar. My guess this was the style of the time. Now the cover is all white.
Pink for Level 2 - Pink? I wonder how Male students are going to react? Or that being sexist? Will this impact sales? Or will it be a positive since most Chinese teachers are female?
2nd Edition Workbook with Gray Cover.  At least the Chinese Made Easy is in another color.

Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1st Edition Textbook Simplified Cover

Chinese Made Easy for Kids 2nd Edition Textbook - Note Yellow Pastel
Pastels on the Covers. Textbook Level 1 Example.

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