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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

C Is For China - Book Comments

I was just looking at the book C is for China by Sungwan So. A photo journey for kids through China using the alphabet. Very cute book. A little bit out of date, but what is not on China (there is no bullet train in the book or pictures of the skyline of Shanghai). What is neat about the book is how many myths are subtly dispelled. For example a myth is everyone in China eats rice. But there is a page showing noodles and talking about all the different types of noodles there are from wheat, rice, and corn.

Side note - If you really want to understand Noodles and food in general, a great book is On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen. The author has a column at the NY Times that is a good read called The Curious Cook

Back to the book, food distracts me and I did buy the book, must be my Engineering background on wanting to know why. The book, C is for China has a game that a reader asked about on how to play and my wife recognizes, but does not know how to explain in words. I have seen my wife and daughter play it. Beautiful photos and supposedly the author is teaching in Los Angeles area (but I was unable to locate him). The book does a nice job of catching at the time day to day life in China when it was photographed.



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